Running Log - Sat May 30th

2020 Goals

  • 5k: Sub 21:00. Current PR: 23:06
  • Half: Sub 1:45:00 (Basingstoke Half Marathon, 4 Oct)

Base training (46k)

  • Mon - 13k @ 140-160 bpm
  • Wed - 11k @ 140-150 bpm
  • Fri - 11k @ 140-150 bpm (with 6x30s strides)
  • Sun - 11k @ 140-150 bpm

After the 11k run yesterday with strides, I woke up with an unwelcome and unpleasant pain on the inside ankle bone of the right foot. The internet seems to suggest it’s most likey “posterior tibial tendonitis”, which if left unaddressed can lead to arch collapse and various other strucutral problems. Right now it’s just a very slight swelling and tenderness towards the underside of the ankle bone and down toward the bottom of the foot, and it seems to be responding well today to rest and ice. I’ve moved today’s 11k to tomorrow and will reassess in the morning.

Injuries are perhaps the ultimate frustration for me in running. I try to maintain a routine of regular core strengthening exercises and mix it with a Les Mills BodyBalance session once a week or so. BodyBalance is yoga based, with some Tai Chi and Pilates elements, and up until now I haven’t had any injury issues while incorporating these sessions as cross training.

I’ll complete the standard core routine later today, and while I’d like to do BodyBalance to feel like I’m making up for the moved session, I’m ultimately probably better off resting the foot.