Running Log - Fri May 29th

2020 Goals

  • 5k: Sub 21:00. Current PR: 23:06
  • Half: Sub 1:45:00 (Basingstoke Half Marathon, 4 Oct)

Base training (46k)

  • Mon - 13k @ 140-160 bpm
  • Wed - 11k @ 140-150 bpm
  • Fri - 11k @ 140-150 bpm (with 6x30s strides)
  • Sat - 11k @ 140-150 bpm

My feet and knees still feel a bit banged up from the hammering they took on an 11k trail run from Wednesday. Today’s training schedule is another 11k, which I’ll definitely be sticking to even ground for, incorporating six 30 second strides. I’m not yet committed to the strides. I’ll see how my feet are feeling later on, but I don’t want to push any lingering niggles with high intensity work.

I took a 3k recovery run yesterday to try to loosen up some of the soreness in the legs, so I’m over target for the week. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. My 11-week half marathon training starts on July 13th. The higher I can get my weekly volume by that time, the higher the volume I’ll be able to incorporate into the training plan, and if I can avoid injury, higher volume should equal a faster half marathon.

Run Report

I went out and ran a straight out and back route that I’m familiar with. I had some initial ankle discomfort over the first half, but it subsided enough that I felt comfortable running the strides on the return. My form felt good, a quick turnover, and midfoot striking under my body. I haven’t done strides much before, but this was the most fun I’ve had with them to date.

Iced and elevated once back home, with plenty of water and some crackers.