Tom Eggington

Image of Tom Eggington

I am a Senior Product Security Engineer working to secure software and hardware solutions in the US and UK utility industry, solving global water security problems. I am CompTIA Security+ certified.

Before that, I was building solutions to digitise and deliver consumer product data to the largest supermarkets in the UK and across the world at Nielsen Brandbank.

I also ran Paste Monitor, a free service that processed all public pastes to Pastebin and sent users alerts for matches against their search list. I discontinued the service when Pastebin shut down their API, making the solution no longer viable. You can read more about the background to Paste Monitor here and read a technical overview here.

As a qualified practising information security professional with more than a decade of software development experience, and two decades of building on the web, I possess a skill set ideally suited to application security and am lucky enough to be in a position to apply this expertise in my work.