Outside of technology, my passion is fiction. I write thrillers, often with a political or science fiction theme.

Frank’s Electric Palace (2018)

Cover image The collapse of the financial system thirty years ago burned down people’s lives and the democracies holding them together. Amongst the ashes, Lara Flint makes enough digital currency to survive in the only world she has ever known. But in the corporate dystopia of Always Great Britain where shanties spring from suburbia, life is cold and lonely. So when Lara is approached by The Collective, a group made up of people just like her, she doesn’t hesitate to join them.

But Lara finds herself a target when five vicious, mechanised law enforcement dogs are freed from their cage. She needs to track down the secretive “Orchestrator” who released the machines before it’s too late. If Lara is to survive, she must break free from the isolation of her digital existence and convince people she barely knows to risk everything to help save her.

Coming November 2018